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    New Relic One is an observability platform built to help engineers create more perfect software. From monoliths to serverless, you can instrument everything, then analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software stack. All from one place.



    Collect all your telemetry data in one place to deliver full-stack observability and power AI-driven insights so you can confidently improve service reliability and accelerate time to market.

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    NR One Benefits
    Telemetry Data Platform

    Petabyte scale. Millisecond speed.​  Pennies per GB.

    A single source of truth for all operational data (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces).

    Full-Stack Observability

    Observability happens here

    Comprehensive visibility across the software stack in one unified experience.

    Applied Intelligence

    Faster incident response for busy DevOps & SRE teams

    AI and Machine learning-driven capabilities to detect anomalies and extract insights in real time and at petabyte scale.


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    Building Better Software Together

    Instrument everything, capturing complete telemetry to understand your digital systems better. Collaborating with the open source community is the best way to do that. Explore cataloged open source projects, use them, and contribute. We know we can help build a more perfect internet. And the best way we can do that is by building better software together.


    What is OpenTelemetry?

    OpenTelemetry provides a single set of APIs and libraries that standardize how you collect telemetry data. This provides a vendor neutral path to instrumentation that gives developers the flexibility to change the backend without having to change the instrumentation. With OpenTelemetry, instrumentation is built into libraries and frameworks so developers will no longer need to instrument their own code.


    Everything in One Place

    Get answers without jumping from tool to tool. With all your data in New Relic One, you can follow a line of inquiry in a few clicks. See for yourself how to go from a high-level Kubernetes view down to individual trace logs in five steps and under 30 seconds.







    Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.

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    A Reimagined New Relic One: Observability Simplified

    Our CEO, Lew Cirne, heralds a new era in observability.


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    Keep your existing Prometheus and Grafana environment but store your data in New Relic.

    A Three-Phased Approach to Observability

    Improve the customer experience by moving from reactive to data-driven behaviors.

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